Hindu Antyesthi Samskar

antyeshtisamskarPractical Guidelines for Final Rites 
Prepared By Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference, USA
Published by: Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, Inc.
Website: http://www.myhmec.org

Indian Circle for Caring (USA) Inc. is very pleased to share this valuable resource with community members and their families. This book provides very useful and practical information in a simple and easy to understand language. Most of readers would not be familiar with the subject covered in this book – Practical Guidelines for Final Rites and associated rituals. We know this would prove to be extremely useful in cases where a family has lost a loved one and they would like to perform final rites but are not familiar with what needs to be done as well as how to perform proper rituals; since the appropriate ritual vary depending upon various factors such as age, gender and other considerations. The book also provides detailed guidance for preparation for cremation, cremation as well as rituals performed after the cremation We, ICC family as well as our community owe our deep gratitude to the HMEC team who put this guide together. ICC gratefully acknowledges Hindu Mandir Executives Council’s permission to publish and share his work so that it can benefit our community members around the country. With sharing of these very useful guidelines, we hope that it would prove to be very useful resource and guide to the readers and their family members as they deal with Death and bereavement after the loss of a loved one. We hope and request the visitors to this website to spread the word so that others may have the benefit of this information as they deal with these issues.

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