Retirement Living in Massachusetts

(Independent Living and Assisted Living)

In recognition of a need for Retirement Living facility in Massachusetts, we are very pleased to share this important initiative. Working with Cummings Foundation an addition “India House” is planned  at New Horizons, Marlborough, MA.  This brand new addition to existing campus will add 10 units for individuals and couples configured for needs and preferences of Indian Community.   Full array of existing amenities will be supplemented with new amenities including Indian cuisine, place for cultural, social and religious activities with one or two bedroom living.

The following flyer provides an outline of “India House” and its planned amenities:

India House Flyer

Details of the project are presented in the attached presentation:

India House flipbook ( overview presentation )

You can also visit India House and hear from the team working on this exciting project by viewing the video: 

Feel free to share this information with anyone you believe may be interested in exploring this possibility.

We expect that due to limited supply and a great facility they will fully subscribed well before its availability in Summer 2105.  Please evaluate this option without delay.

This ICC initiative is a community service project and we are very pleased to work with Cummings Foundation to convert a long standing need for our community into a reality with expected occupancy in Summer of 2015.

Please note that ICC does not have any financial interests in the project.  Our role is to facilitate the project and its requirements as well as work with Indian community to increase awareness and provide an opportunity  for  them to avail themselves to this wonderful possibility.

If you are interested in learning more, visiting the community for a no-obligation tour, or meeting with staff and residents, please contact Girish Mehta via email at or phone at 781-891-8810.