We at ICC would be pleased to hear from you.  Your suggestions, ideas, and inputs would be valued.  Please feel free to provide

     – What do you like about us?

     – What would you like us to change?

     – What additional services or support we should consider as we move forward?

Please provide sufficient details including your contact information and the best way to reach you so that we can be responsive to your inquiry, comments or suggestions.


ICC services to clients, participation in our activities/programs and membership to the organization are all free of any charges or fees.  ICC mission is to serve our community.  To date, we have not solicited funds or done any fundraising !! We are blessed that our community has responded by providing us generous financial support and enabled us to sustain our activities since its very inception in August of 2007!

ICC is a 501 (c) 3 registered non-profit charitable organization.
Our tax ID: 26-0552373

Donation to ICC can be sent in form of a check payable to Indian Circle for Caring USA Inc.,  to the following address.  We request you to provide contact information, phone number(s) and email addresses so that we can acknowledge your contribution.  Please note that we sincerely appreciate your support and your life-to-date donation will be acknowledged on our website.

Our Mailing address:

     Indian Circle for Caring USA Inc.,

     220 Totten Pond Road, Waltham, MA 02451