Panic-stricken climate has increased stress and affected our mental and physical health. We suffer from disorders initiated or made worse by stress and need to cope with it, find some balance and reduce stress. How can we use mind and body to reduce stress, calm our mind and stay healthy?

Come join us in this nine week journey where we answer this question and learn

  • Self-care techniques to promote health, happiness and well-being,
  • Mind-Body techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, physical activity, positive psychology, creativity, humor, and adaptive thinking,
  • stress management and cultivate a more positive outlook in life.

9 Week Positivity and Relaxation Training (PART) Program
Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital
Every Wednesday 8:00 – 9:30 PM EST for 9 weeks, starting November 18, 2020


Dr. Bindu Vyas, Director Indian Circle for Caring USA Inc. (ICC)
PART Meditation Certified and Yoga Teachers Training 200

The PART curriculum is based on the pioneering evidence-based research by Herbert Benson, M.D. and the Mind Body Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and MGH Mind Body Institute. Click here to see the detailed program outline. 

The program starts with goal setting and introduction to the Resiliency and Relaxation Response. Each class contains a review and experiential exercises, followed by learning and practicing new skills. Click here for program details.

Fees: Usual fees for this program would be $399. ICC is extending the introductory fees for this session at $199.00. Those who attend all the sessions will receive a refund $129.00. Please note the special pricing may not be available for future courses.

In order to facilitate most effective learning, the class size is limited to 15 participants. Please register early: Click here to register

Participants would receive a professionally developed workbook prepared by Mind Body Institute at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The workbook serves as a reference during the program and for the future.

For any questions, please feel free to contact

Bindu Vyas, Ph.D. YTT200, PART Certified (BHI for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital)

Dr. Vyas has conducted Meditation classes for organizations such as Jain Association in North America (JAINA). Currently she is leading a PART (Positivity and Relaxation Training) group. MY IndUS Lifestyle Management System (LMS), SineSol.

Click here for a detailed bio of Dr. Vyas



Detailed agenda for 9 week PART program

From November 18 2020 to January 20, 2020 

Wednesday 8:00 – 9:30 PM

Tentative Outline


Session                     Date                                       Agenda                                  



Session 1                  November 18      Informational and Goal Setting


Session 2                  December 2        Science of Mind Body Medicine, Breath Focus


Session 3                  December 9        Simple Breath Awareness; Sleep


Session 4                  December 16      Stress Awareness; Body Scan; Mindful Eating; Social Support


Session 5                  January  6           Mending Mind and Body; Mindful Movement


Session 6                  January 13         Creating an Adaptive Perspective; Insight Imagery


Session 7                  January 20          Cultivating Positivity; Wise Person RR


Session 8                  January 27          Creative Expression; Idealized Self


Session 9                  February 3          Humor and Staying Resilient; Loving Kindness Meditation; The Energy Battery


Offered by: Bindu Vyas, Ph.D. in Management, Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, PART Certified

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