Indian Circle for Caring USA Inc. (ICC) has embarked on a transformative new initiative to mitigate high risk of heart disease and diabetes for South Asians from Indian subcontinent. Did you know? Indians make up less than 20% of the world population but make up 60% of the people suffering from heart disease worldwide. This is independent of where they live in the world. Similarly, Indians make up a far larger share (over 25%) of the people in the world that are afflicted with diabetes. What’s worse is South Asians have heart attacks at much younger ages, despite being mostly vegetarian, nonsmoking and non-obese.

As part of the Lifestyle program, ICC has launched a new webinar series focused on Health and Wellness of our community members. Next up are two webinars in early November

Stay tuned for additional webinars. We will post them in upcoming events page on this website.