Estate & Retirement Planning and Preparation is a vast topic with various aspects of proper planning and preparation.  We at ICC are pleased to share the following resources as a guide for your review and use.

Overview presentation on the topic is provided here.  It is followed by resources available for your use

Retirement Planning


We appreciate various organization who have developed and published some of the following materials and we are pleased that we can share these with you along with ICC developed resources.

Please read the disclaimer and liability details at the bottom of this page.  By using any of the materials you agree to the terms of the usage.


1. Estate Planning:  Our financial affairs can be simple to quite complex.  In order to have the proper Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Investment Planning having this information organized and in one place is very important.  ICC has developed a comprehensive form which allows an individual or family to collect all the information at one place.  This has been proven to be a valuable tool by various ICC clients.  At the outset, this 17-page form seems daunting, but it can be prepared over time and them updated periodically to keep it current.

Estate Planning Form

2. Social Security & Medicare:  After a lifetime of hard work, one needs to be aware of Social Security and Medicare benefits that they have earned and are eligible for.  Rules and guidelines are complex and could be overwhelming to many.  Mr. Majmundar has put together a practical guide called “Mapping the Maze” based on his experience of helping seniors through this arduous process.  His work can be found on ICC website



1. Medicine Form:  Keeping track of medicine one takes along with the history of allergy and medications taken previously helps healthcare provider to be familiar with the situation and can avoid inappropriate medications due to drug interaction as well as the suitability of use.  ICC has developed the following form.

Medicine Summary

2. Blood Sugar Form: This simple form would allow you and your physician to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels and help keep you healthy.

Blood Sugar form

3. Adult Immunization:  Immunization plays an important role in maintaining good health and avoiding sickness and hospitalizations especially as we age.  Recommended adult immunization chart given below may be useful in awareness and keeping track of immunizations.

Summary Immunization Adult


1. Health Care Proxy and Living Will:  Everyone over the age of 18 should prepare a Health Care Proxy and Living Will.  This would identify the person(s) who are authorized to speak for you for health-related matter when you cannot speak for yourself due to the health condition and also what they are authorized to do.  In addition, you can express your wishes for health care you want or you do not want to depend upon various conditions.  Five Wishes ® document is a wonderful, easy to use and well-proven document.   ICC is pleased to provide this resource at no charge.  Attached documents provide information about it as well as how you can obtain a FREE copy on ICC website.

Preparation of HCP

2. MOLST form:  Massachusetts Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) is an approved form for expression of choices for the type of medical care one wants or does not want such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Intubation / Ventilation; Transfer to hospital.  In includes preferences for Respiratory Support, Dialysis Support, Artificial Nutrition, Artificial Hydration.


3. PSAS form: Personal Self Assessment Scale (PSAS) is a very useful way of making personal choices for Do Not Resuscitation (DNR), Artificial Nutrition, IV Hydration depending upon the level of mobility, activity level, self-care, intake and conscious levels.



1. Indian Food:  American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) has prepared a fine resource for Health, Nutrition, and Diabetes.  We thank AAPI for this fine work which we hope would be useful to you and your family.

Indian food AAPI_2008

2. Indian Food Calorie Chart:  Understanding items in Indian cuisine and its caloric value may be useful in planning meals and eating healthy balanced meals.

Indian Food Calorie Chart


1. Family Care Giver Handbook:  This wonderful guide provides information about various resources available in Massachusetts for a family to be able to care for a loved one.  Detailed information is provided for Finances, Legal Resources, Health Care, Health Insurance, Home Care services, Housing, Transportation, Caregiver support.  This publication is of MIT workplace center and funded by Sloan Foundation.

Family Care Giver Handbook

2. Caregiver Notebook:  Some of us may be taking care of a loved one at home or at a healthcare facility.  It is often challenging to keep track of all relevant information in one place for effective and efficient caregiving.  This resource developed by Springwell, Watertown, MA allow an organized approach to important information. Caregiver_Notebook


1. Retirement Activities: There are many possibilities for productive, fulfilling and meaningful activities; which can make retirement fun and satisfying stage of life.  There are various resources.  We share the following resources, written in Gujarati, for your review and use.  These may be purchased from the Amazon website.  We are not promoting or endorsing this product, merely providing as information.

     a. Nivrutini Pravrutti (Activities in Retirement) written by Vijay Shah of Houston, TX

Nivrutini Pravrutti cover

     b. Nivrutinu Vignyaan (Science of Retirement) written by Vijay Shah of Houston, TX

Nivrutinu Vignyaan

2. Elder Abuse:  Unfortunately there are some who take advantage of elders.  Greater Boston Legal Society (GBLS) has been active in helping elders for issues dealing with Elder Abuse.  The following document may be found to be useful.

Financial Abuse



Materials presented here is prepared by ICC as well as the number of other organizations. ICC acknowledges their work and appreciates sharing it with fellow community members.


Please note that we do not assume liability or claim suitability of use for ANY of these materials.  It is provided as a guide for you and your family. Please rely on your professional adviser(s)  or provider(s) for all legal, medical and other guidance.  By using this material as a guide, you are releasing ICC, its officers, volunteers and others of any legal or financial liability.