Dear Friends and Supporters,

We at ICC hope you, your family, and friends are doing OK given COVID-19 cloud and its associated challenges. During these challenging times individuals, families, and organizations need the support of each other. 

Please join hands and extend your generous support to ICC.  Your support will fuel our engines!


ICC mission and its role:

Over the past twelve years, ICC and its dedicated volunteers have served our community by giving providing “Caring Support and Helping Hands” to comfort our community. Members in a variety of ways.

ICC is blessed to have volunteers who provide their skills, time, and energy to making a difference in the lives they touch.  The importance and impact of their work become a cherished experience for these volunteers and provides them an opportunity to respond to their calling in life!

As most of you know our services for the community are in three categories:

1. Family Support Services (FSS):  Serving the families and individuals during an urgent or emergency such as serious illness at home or hospital; family crisis; accident or loss of a loved one.

2. Educate, Empower and Enable (EEE): Providing education and solutions to address often neglected or not addressed issues such as Health Care Proxy, Guidance to families of special Needs, Health-related education, and others.

3. Lifestyle Program to address the serious issue of twin epidemic of Heart Disease and Diabetes disproportionately affecting our community.

Stay safe and be well.