Indian Circle for Caring (ICC) enables community members to be prepared for many of life’s eventualities through education and empowerment. We call it Education, Empowerment, Enablement initiative. Planning for life events requires awareness of issues surrounding such events.

Included below are areas that ICC has been helping community members with

Health Care Proxy and Living Will

We inform, educate and empower our community about the need for preparing this important legal, often neglected, document.

Retirement Planning

A new initiative to broaden the awareness and provide meaningful resources for preparation before and while retired.

Planning and Preparing For Special Needs

We offer workshops to help families plan for how to manage the special needs of their child

Arthritis Exercise Program

A twelve-week, 24 session Arthritis Exercise program for improving quality of life in spite of this chronic illness.

Community Initiative for TB Education

The Indian community in Massachusetts is at the third highest risk of TB of any immigrant community. ICC in collaboration with MA public health department and Indian Medical Association of NE (IMANE) can provide you with necessary information and resources.