When an individual or family encounters emergency and urgent needs, such as serious illness at home or in a hospital, family crisis, accident, or the death of a loved one, caring support is needed in a timely manner.
ICC was created in 2007 to meet this unfulfilled need for our community members. ICC volunteers work with the community member and bring ICC knowledge and resources to address the need and provide much-needed support to the family at such a critical time. Caring support and compassionate presence make all the difference!
In addition to serving our community directly in New England, we guide, mentor, and support Sewa International volunteers to replicate similar services in 12 cities across the United States.

Family Support Services We Provide

ICC is run by volunteers and they serve the community members face to face.  They bring organizational knowledge and add personal compassionate care.

Included below are list of services ICC provides to individuals and families

Illness at Hospital or Health Care Facility

  • Health care coordination
  • Advocacy in dealing with medical issues and complex situations
  • Access and guidance in the selection of care giving team
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Follow up with health care professionals
  • Food delivery

Illness at Home

  • Home care coordination
  • Access to home care options and guidance
  • Transportation for medical appointments
  • Set up for support at home
  • Access and loaner durable medical equipment

Family Crisis

  • Issues with the law
  • Access to legal advice and support
  • Guidance and coordination in
  • matters dealing with legal rights
  • Dealing with police, employer, immigration, civil and criminal matters * Family issues including domestic violence and abuse


  • Accident at home or away from home
  • Follow up medical care
  • Legal issues because of an accident
  • Family Support Services and Transportation

Death / Bereavement

  • Pre-planning in case of critical illness
  • Guidance, support in the selection of funeral & cremation services, products
  • Selection and coordination with required resources,
  • Assurance of culturally responsive services, products at a fair cost

Lives We Have Touched

  • Together volunteers have served over a thousand families with the help of our volunteers.
  • Finding Ways to Serve Our Community
  • ICC conducts seminars and workshops on important topics related to Health and Well Being; guidance for preparing
  • “Health Care Proxy & Living Will” as well as helping family to prepare for support of a special needs person in the family.

What Our Clients Say

The impact of our work is experienced directly by the client and their families. Friends and observers are delighted that community organization is available to serve them without any expectations in return.  All of these result in genuine appreciation and gratitude on their part.  ICC believes that our services community member makes the community stronger!

Who We Have Served

  • Individuals in all age groups – newborn to 100-year-old
  • New arrivals to USA of all income classes and financial means
  • Members of our community from all parts of India
  • Encompassing those of many religions, languages, regions, as well as socioeconomic groups.

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