ICC provides a few resources for our seniors and community members who are planning to retire soon to increase the awareness and provide meaningful resources for preparation.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – a practical guide

First, ICC is very pleased to share a valuable resource with our seniors and their families a practical guide on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid –

Mapping the Maze – A Guide to Welfare for elderly immigrants
By Mr. Harikrishna Majmundar

This book provides very useful and practical information in a simple and easy to understand language. The subject matter can also be called “Understanding – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid”. Mr. Majmundar, affectionately called Dada Majmundar is ever present volunteer to help fellow community members in San Francisco, CA area for about three decades. Over the years he has learned the complex rules and guidelines of various agencies and converted them into a useful guide for us to follow. He has practical experience of representing many families through application and appeals at the agency level as well as in the appeals process in the court system. A number of readers as well as members of Social Security Agency have reviewed the book and found it to be accurate and informative.

He has won many awards for his volunteering work including the Toni Sykes Memorial Award for dedication and outstanding service to the community. He writes weekly column for seniors as well as frequent speaker at radio and other programs.

Please note that the government rules are always changing and being interpreted. This information is provided as a helpful guide and readers should use this as a valuable resource. Since individual cases are different and unique, its applicability in a given situation could also vary.

ICC gratefully acknowledges Dada’s permission to publish and share his work so that it can benefit our community members around the country.

With the presentation of this wonderful work, both, Dadaji and ICC hope that this would be useful resource and guide to the readers and their family members as they deal with complex issues of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

We hope the visitors to this website will spread the word so that others may have the benefit of this information as they deal with these issues.

Estate planning

Estate planning is a process to define how a person’s assets will be distributed, managed when he/she is incapacitated or dies. Individuals should consult an independent financial advisor and / or an attorney to develop and execute this plan. ICC is pleased to offer a form to get you started. The information captured in the form is required for you to work with your attorney or financial advisor.