Alarmingly over 85 % of us either do not know about the “Health Care Proxy & Living Will (HCP)” or its need and importance. As we live our busy lives, taking care of important matters which are not “urgent” is often neglected. Sadly, preparing HCP falls in this category. We may recognize that making informed decisions could have important benefits for our heath care at the most vulnerable time in our life and impact our loved ones, but it is still neglected. Among the reasons for not preparing “Health Care Proxy and Living Will” are:

  • The belief that preparation of Health Care Proxy and Living Will would be complicated and can only be done with the help of a lawyer. This would require an investment of time and legal fees.
  • Concern about addressing such a difficult and emotional subject, how to begin and navigate through the process, legal language, and jargon.
  • Although important, it is not urgent and therefore is postponed (in other words, procrastination)!

Our efforts to address this serious problem take on various forms. ICC conducts free workshops where participants receive detailed information, education, and answers to their questions.

This allows the attendees to complete a widely accepted document Five Wishes®. Attendees go home with a fully completed and legally enforceable document. These workshops are often planned and co-sponsored by an organization or individuals.



Free Five Wishes® documents provided


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Five Wishes document provides an easy way to express your decisions about these five wishes

  • Wish 1: Selecting Health Care Proxy
    Naming a primary person/s to act on our behalf and choose the level and extent of authority given to your proxy.
  • Wish 2: Choose the medical care you want and avoid what you do not want – called a Living Will.

In addition to the legally required wishes covered above, the following three wishes are important and add unique dimensions.

  • Wish 3: How comfortable you want to be
  • Wish 4: Your choice of support by friends and family
  • Wish 5: Expressing our values of deep importance

Follow up instructions are provided to finalize the document, distribution and sharing with family members, proxies, as well as health care providers, and routine review and updating as necessary.

To get a copy of the Five Wishes document to get started with this important step

  • Fill out the below form to get a free copy for each adult (over the age of 18) in your household
    Click here
  • Review, discuss this simple document with your loved ones
  • Decide and document your wishes
  • Have it signed by two witnesses
  • Get a sense of accomplishment for completing an important task

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Aging with Dignity ( ): is a publisher Five Wishes® of this most widely used Health Care Proxy document in the United States.

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