We live in the age of information overload, fad diets and superfood hypes. We have to weed through all of the information to figure what is a Healthy Diet. Diet can create an imbalance in your body and mind.

Get to the root of your imbalances and find optimum health. No more calorie counting, fear or guilt of indulgence.

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Importance of Nutrition in preventing, treating chronic health conditions and in overall well-being
by Sneh Jaisingh, MS, CNC, INHC
Clinical Nutritionist and Wellness Coach


An Introduction to “AIM to Prevent” TM Program
by Amit Akkad, Director of ICC and Lifestyle Ambassador

on Saturday March 27th, 2021

What you will learn:

  • Definition and breakdown of what is health
  • The 3 pillars of Health
  • What is physical well-being and what are its components
  • Importance of maintaining a balance in life
  • Role of diet and nutrition in prevention and treatment of chronic disease
  • Habit stacking tips and suggestions
  • How AIM to Prevent Program can help you to prevent getting heart disease or diabetes

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Speakers for the webinar

Sneh Jaisingh, Clinical Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Sneh Jaisingh, MS, CNC, INHC is an inspiring educator, innovator, and practitioner in the field of integrative and holistic nutrition and a certified lifestyle coach. With nearly 20 years of clinical experience, she has been an advocate for science-based mind and body wellness at conferences, seminars, workshops, and through her writing.

Sneh is a part of the “Food as Medicine” nutrition movement and is passionate about raising awareness and understanding, to use this knowledge in preventing/reducing the risk of chronic diseases or simply general wellbeing.

Amit Akkad, Director of ICC and Lifestyle Ambassador

Mr. Amit Akkad is an Experienced Global Executive in the IT industry, having managed multimillion-dollar global businesses. He is a recognized business leader with excellent strategic, analytical, communications and operational skills. He is currently associated with a start-up company in robotics.

Mr. Akkad is Director of ICC and Lifestyle Ambassador serving the community. He has also been working with multiple NGOs to educate and inspire children of rural (Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes) communities in India for past several years.