Summary of “Health Care Proxy & Living Will” Workshops and Seminars completed

ICC’s signature initiative is to Inform, educate and empower our community to learn and prepare “Health Care Proxy & Living Will” since December 2007. Over these years, ICC has invested energies and resources to spread the awareness and help fellow community members to prepare the document at workshops and seminars. To date, ICC has conducted over seventy (70) workshops and seminars in sixteen (16) states.

ICC’s conducts these workshops at venues where we can bring community members together to learn and prepare such an important document. Many of these events are joint collaborative programs by ICC and other organizations (social, religious and professional) and individuals. They take place at public meeting rooms, temples, work locations, and even in private homes!!

In addition, visitors to ICC website can also learn about this important topic and avail themselves to free copies of “Five Wishes” document – this simple to use and comprehensive document is most widely used in the United States. Over Thirty (30) million families have benefited from the use of this document. Through e-delivery we inform; educate and provide the documents FREE of charge or fees to enable everyone to prepare the document in the privacy of their home at a time convenient to them!

We are grateful for our community organizations, businesses, and individuals who have sponsored and supported ICC’s efforts for this very important initiative.

Our special appreciation to the organization and its leaders for their promoting and helping us to spread the word and provide valuable service to our community members through various ICC initiatives!

The following information is updated as of November 22, 2020