Saxena, Sangeeta

Sangeeta is a Director at ICC with a focus on community outreach. She is mainly focused on increasing awareness about ICC activities and services to the community.  She is committed to raising the community engagement with ICC projects and initiatives.

Professional Background

Sangeeta is a life-coach, motivational speaker and visionary leader known for her ability to rally community support, develop key coalitions, and build strategic relationships with a shared sense of purpose.

As a founder of the New England chapter of Gayatri Pariwar, Sangeeta is passionately engaged with the community’s well-being.

She is a founding Director & VP of Dev Sanskriti University Foundation to support the advancement of computer science education for underprivileged students in the university in Haridwar, India.

Community service

Sangeeta hosts many public & private religious events and provides services at greater Boston universities like BU, TUFTS and MIT. She also organizes fundraising events for the benefit of local charities.

Sangeeta runs a virtual motivational study circle via daily conference calls for over a decade and offers individual counseling on various topics of personal wellbeing, family empowerment, and spiritual advancement bringing life-changing benefits.

Over her two decades of public life & work, many lives are touched, transformed, and propelled into a more happy and purposeful future

Personal, Hobbies and other interests

Sangeeta lives in Lexington Massachusetts with her husband Sanjay, a IT professional and a motivational speaker & son Paramvyom, both of are engineers.

As the thoughts drive our existential journey, I live by the clarion call of the “Thought Revolution Movement,” which says:

“To unleash the change in the world, first we must begin by transforming ourselves.”

Sangeeta was a finalist in the “India New England Women of the Year 2007”.

Sangeeta is an enthusiastic travel photographer & music lover/singer. She also loves art, dance, cooking, history, and traveling.


She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in History from Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University Raipur